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Messages from Students

Department of
Social Sciences

Message. 01

Economics and Business Administration Course

Yán Qín Qín


From China / My Favorite Anime “My Neighbor Totoro”

My hobby is watching movies. I am a particularly big fan of the works of Hayao Miyazaki, like “My Neighbor Totoro,” which I’ve watched countless times since I was a child. My older sister also loves Japanese animation, and we were both heavily into “Inuyasha” and “Detective Conan.” That’s how I got interested in Japanese, and what led me to major in Japanese language studies at Tianjin University of Commerce (in China). As I advanced in my studies, I got the desire to come and study in Japan, to improve my language skills further. So, I made use of a university exchange program to transfer to Hagoromo University of International Studies, which offered more reasonable tuition fees than other universities I considered. At first, my father was opposed to the idea, because he thought it was dangerous for a young woman to live alone overseas, but I wanted to come here so badly that I got a cousin of mine, who works as a university professor, to convince my father it was OK. Now my father supports me in my studies, and we stay in touch daily by text messaging and video calls.

Before coming to Japan, I studied Japanese very hard, because my language ability was still fairly weak, and in the end I obtained level N1 proficiency in the JLPT. I now live in a student apartment that I organized with the university’s help. When I don’t have classes, I work at a part-time job and I study organizational management, marketing, and international business in the seminars of Professor Yoshimura (also the university president).

Hagoromo University of International Studies uses the slogan “Be the One!” When I reflected on these words, they helped me to understand that the value of people cannot be measured just by academic results, and that every individual has inherent value. As the phrase evokes, at Hagoromo I am able to learn in a very lively environment, together with other students from different countries who all inspire each other.

My dream is to get a job in Japan and work in human resource management in a company involved in international trade. I would like to contribute to the company by discovering the unique qualities of people and choosing the tasks and role that makes best use of their abilities. To anyone considering coming to Japan to study, my advice is to first form a clear picture of what you would like to do in the future, to avoid any indecision about returning home or not after your studies.

Department of
Media Studies

Message. 02

Information Studies Course

Abdul Haris Ashraf


From Malaysia / My Favorite Anime “Space Battleship Yamato”

The attraction of Hagoromo University of International Studies is that it’s small, in a good way, which means that teachers and students can have close relationships. The teachers remember students’ names and students feel free to approach and speak with teachers. Students even consult teachers about private matters, such as for recommendations about places to travel.

I watched a lot of Japanese anime during my high school days to learn Japanese. I wanted to come to study in Japan as soon as I graduated, but I ended up studying science for two years at the University of Pennsylvania in the U.S., because I was able to get a scholarship. I then took advantage of a student exchange program of the Japan Student Services Organization (JASSO) to come to Japan. For the first year, I studied Japanese, attending JASSO’s Osaka Japanese Language Education Center. I was then undecided about where to continue my studies. People suggested I go to an internationally-oriented university, and I was interested in doing something related to computing, so I chose Hagoromo University of International Studies, in Osaka, where I am studying programming. I feel right at home, because Osaka has an atmosphere similar to my home country of Malaysia. The people are kind and I enjoy hearing and learning the Osaka dialect. My favorite phrase is “nan de ya nen” (what the heck!).

At the university my studies are focused on practical training in computer programming, in Java and other languages. I also take classes in information technology and web design. I hope to get a job with a gaming company one day, doing programming or designing characters.

During the week, I study and spend time preparing and reviewing classes, but on my days off I like to do volunteer work, like helping with blood donation services. The other day, at an exchange event held by the university, I enjoyed a wide-ranging conversation with some Japanese elderly ladies. It was great to hear them talk about Japanese culture. Recently, I experienced my first New Year’s Eve in Japan. I went out to dinner with some Japanese friends, then we went for “hatsumode”, the first shrine visit of the year. It was very interesting for me.

If you are unsure about studying in Japan because of language, I advise you to watch a lot of Japanese anime. If you later study the language formally, you will definitely master it. And if you want to study in a kind, homely environment, I highly recommend Hagoromo University of International Studies. You can make Japanese friends as well as friends from many other countries. I think you will find it a very satisfying study experience.

Department of
Human Life Studies

Message. 03

Fashion Design and Merchandise Course

Man Sin


From Hong Kong / My Favorite Anime “Dragon Ball”

I was a very ordinary high school student and didn’t like studying much. After graduating from high school, I worked in apparel sales and as a sales assistant in a confectionery store, but perhaps because I watched so much Japanese anime from a young age, I felt the urge to come to Japan to study. At first I was worried about my language ability, so I spent the first year in Japan studying the language at the Kansai Language of Business & Languages. The college advised that students who wished to go on to work in Japan should attend a Japanese university, so I tried to look for universities where I might be able to study fashion, one of my longtime interests. That’s when I heard about the Fashion Design and Merchandise Course at Hagoromo University of International Studies.

Once I started studying at Hagoromo, I found that the university supports overseas students very well, and I am 100% satisfied with my life as a student here. The university informs students of various kinds of scholarships and they also offer interview practice. The teachers are very caring about students and they are very approachable if students have any difficulty. Another good thing is that classes are taught in a style of Japanese that is easy to understand, even for overseas students.

I was always interested in clothing and handicrafts, so I’m really enjoying the apparel practical classes I’m doing. Students are taught everything from basics to the finer points, so we can create real, convincing clothing. I was very excited to get full marks for my first semester work. At high school I never got good grades, but I always felt that if I put my mind to study I could do well, and this experience proved that to me. The fact that I have been able to live by myself far away from my family and perform well in my studies gives me a real sense of satisfaction. I feel that I have grown and matured as a person.

The only thing I find inconvenient about Japan is separating household waste. It’s so complicated. From the university it only takes 30 minutes or so by train to get to the shopping districts of Tennoji and Namba, so it’s very convenient for shopping.

If you want to study in Japan and if you can afford the tuition fees and living expenses, I highly recommend it. In your home country you probably live with your family, but if you study in Japan you will live alone, far from everyone you know. Such experience will enable you to really understand what you are capable of. You can set yourself more specific goals in life, and work towards achieving them. My ambition is to work for a Japanese apparel company one day, designing dresses. I’m now working towards this goal.